• Producer & Interior Stylist

    I am your producer, always with a creative focus


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  • Exhibition Design

    Creating context for your brand, with the right audience, at the right place



As a creative producer, I work with both self-initiated projects and with clients. Regardless of each project’s unique conditions, I am always a reliable partner for the full process, from idea to realization. My focus however is in exhibition design, set design, and event installations. In addition to production roles for interior design projects, I also produce event marketing projects.

Interior Stylist

Interior styling goes hand in hand with producing exhibitions and trade fair installations. I both lead projects independently and collaborate with Stockholm’s best stylists. In all cases, I ensure that all products displayed will end up in an interesting and inspiring context.


I’m always on the hunt for new design. Follow my contributions to Designbloggarna.se. You'll find me at Young Swedish Design where I collect all my inspiration. I also write about design elsewhere, see some of it here.

About me

My name is Åsa and I'm a Stockholm-based Creative Producer and Interior Stylist, finding inspiration in up-coming design and my travels. I create, produce and deliver in all projects I decide to tackle, focused mostly in the world of interior design for temporary spaces. With years of varied experience in PR, event marketing, and exhibition design, I expertly create contexts for brands to meet the right audience in the right forum.

Clients and friends

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Åsa Lagerwall
e-mail: asa@asalagerwall.se
+46 70 450 87 80